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Who Is Harp?

A dreamer. An entrepreneur. I'm the 'idea guy'. Maybe it's a normal part of everyones life, or just how society looks at those who don't fit the status quo, but I faced a lot of criticism through every stage of life for thinking I was meant to be more than what I was. Repeatedly told to get my head out of the clouds or to 'be realistic' was the mantra. But why? Why can't we be unreasonable? What exactly is 'realistic?' A big fan of quotes, two of my favourites are, "It's never too late to be what you might have been" (George Eliot), and "It's only when we've lost everything that we're free to do anything" (Chuck Palahniuk. Later quoted by Tyler Durden). The 

latter is what it took to finally get me off my ass and risk leaving the warm comfort of complacency for the thrill and terror of the unknown. 

First came Eye Engine, which I co-founded with my sister, Deepi. Eye Engine is a boutique design and production company specializing in a more intimate approach, with never more than two clients at a time. Here, I explored creative, out-of-the-box methods to develop solutions for our clients. The time spent handling the production and post-production components at EE was also the seed that would later sprout into my desire to move from behind the camera to in front. 

After three years of acting training in Toronto I finally took the leap out of the classroom and went searching for an agent. The summer of 2014 netted roles in DoubleDouble, Exordium Pacem, Atlas Electric and Amsterdam: Portrait Of An Artist. The acting bug had bit hard. But while this was a great outlet for my always simmering creativity, my entrepreneurial side was starving. Dusting off an old idea on the shelf, I turned my attention to Joule as summer moved into fall.

Joule at its essence is a better way of doing things. More important than what Joule is, is why Joule is. It represents a smarter way. A more beautiful way. It's a punch in the mouth of the status quo that says things are fine and we should except them the way they are. No. That's not good enough. Everything can be improved through thoughtful design and engineering, whether it's someone's life, a concept or ideal, or a humble power accessory. In it's first year Joule quickly grew into a statement about the person who see's it as a part of their lifestyle, as much as it is a wake up call to the stagnant market its a part of. 

This is me. A man who believes that while all of us may not be meant to change the world, we can all change something in it.

-Harp Ghoman